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We now offer a new flat roofing system, made by Firestone (We have been installing the product for the last 12 years).

This is EPDM Rubbergard and EPDM Rubbercover which has a life expectancy of over 50 years; Rubbergard is for commercial use and new developments which need a Fire Rated Specification such as schools and larger developments.

Rubbercover comes with a 20-Year written Guarantee from ourselves and a 20 year product Guarantee from Firestone upon completion and payment of the works.

EPDM can be used on all types of Flat Roofs. It is a one-piece (where possible and economical to do so) flat roofing system that gets bonded directly to the roofing boards, using only Firestone Bonding Adhesives. Perimeter of the roof is mechanically fixed with plastic edging trims and two part gutter trim, abutment walls have a purpose made metal flashing 40mmX60mmX0.07mm thick PVC Plastisol Coated trim which is chased and raw bolted into brickwork (wall) and sealed along top edge. These installation details will ensure the integrity and long term performance of a EPDM Roofing System.

We also give you an up front price on top-up wool insulation within the flat roof loft if the flat roof boarding is being renewed. If your flat roof decking is in a serviceable condition we can provide extra insulation on top of your old flat roof system with a hard insulation, Celotex or similar this is very efficient way to provide insulation. This will save valuable heating and will reduce condensation also this will serve as extra soundproofing from out side noises.

Environmentally Friendly (we all need to do our bit)

Firestone EPDM is an inert material with limited environment impact during manufacture and use, RubberCover is a fully cured EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber) synthetic rubber membrane, which has outstanding resistance to UV radiation, ozone and ageing. Firestone EPDM manufacturing facilities have received ISO14001 certification for their environmental management system. Developed in the United States in the 1960's, millions of square metres have since been laid worldwide, with a good majority of the first roofs covered still remaining watertight today! Manufactured by major American companies such as Firestone, the clean installation techniques and minimal waste make EPDM rubber roofing the ideal choice for your flat roof covering.

Firestone EPDM is the new way forward in flat roofing, it offers unmatched resistance to Ozone, UV Radiation, extremes of high and low temperatures and requires little or no maintenance.

Firestone EPDM is the new way forward in flat roofing, it offers unmatched resistance to Ozone, UV Radiation, extremes of high and low temperatures and requires little or no maintenance.

We are the only fully Firestone trained operatives in Swindon and surrounding areas, our roofers have been on lengthy courses and have certificates (available to view) from the Firestone Training Program.

So you can relax and know that the work is been carried out by some of the best trained roofers in Swindon and the South West.

If you require a Roof Survey to be carried out for a property that you are intending to purchase this can be arranged at a cost of £75 (plus VAT) - which is refundable if you ultimately have the works carried out by Taylor Roofing.

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